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Bhutan Cordycept Matsutake Tea

Bhutan Cordycept Matsutake Tea

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Cordyceps has anti-fatigue effect, it can also boost the energy of our body's mitochondria, enhance body's tolerance to cold exposure, enhance immunity, and effectively stimulate antibody production.

Matsutake is a kind of rare and precious natural edible fungus, known as the "king of fungus". Matsutake has the effect of tonifying yin and nourishing qi, nourishing the kidney, stomach and liver. Matsutake is a health-care food that is suitable for diabetes, and it is also believed to be a natural anti-radiation and anti-cancer remedies.

It is recommended to pour 500ml hot water over a tea bag, rest a few minutes, which can be brewed until the taste is light.


Cordycept, matsutake, high mountain green tea

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