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Sacred Omani Frankincense - Yellow grade 50g

Sacred Omani Frankincense - Yellow grade 50g

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Frankincense is a classic incense. It has a vital connection with the spiritual power of any substance on earth. Frankincense is the resin of the sacred frankincense tree, used since ancient times by Egyptian, African and Mesopotamian civilizations.

Frankincense has the properties of purification and relaxation, enhancing the qualities of willpower, self-confidence and determination.

In traditional Chinese medicine or natural therapy, frankincense is a kind of internal medicine, which can be used for pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and cosmetic effects.

This frankincense is Oman's high-grade large-grained frankincense, with a distinct yellow hue, a very unique fragrance, and dry. The natural flavour of Frankincense helps to purify the mouth, strengthen the teeth and gums, freshens breath, help’s with mouth ulcers and digestion. Chewing gum can increase brain activity and also help one from quitting smoking.

General usage: It can be burned on charcoal to purify the indoor air field. It can also be chewed, soaked in water for drinking, or washing face and bathing.

We pack fresh frankincense resin in cotton bags, which have high air permeability and are suitable for storing frankincense to keep it fresh.

Weight: 50g per pack (the shape and size of each grain is slightly different)

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