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Spirit of Phoenix

Spirit of Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle - Rose Quartz & Amethyst

Spirit of Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle - Rose Quartz & Amethyst

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Rejuvenate yourself with a Crystal Elixir. Gemstones & crystals have been used since ancient times. Infuse your life with sacred crystal water!

Loaded with 2 types of gems, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, which will help you with:

  • Boost your mental and psychical health

  • Manifesting positive energy and your deepest dreams

  • Reduce negative energy

  • Handling your daily stress

  • Boost your self-love

  • Release attention in your body and mind

The gemstone Rose Quartz is known for boosting your self-love, release tension from your body and mind as well as invite love into your life. The other gemstone, Amethyst, is known for manifesting your deepest dreams into intentions, boost your health and protect you from bad energy.

It comes wrapped in a luxury package together with a positive and loving card as well.

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